Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reality Check

Seven and a half days until Christmas. Reality has come to visit. There is no &%*&%$ way I will complete all the knitting I had hoped to finish. Take a gander at my progress bars, and you will notice I've begun to axe gifts. Including the mini ornaments for the party tonight. I've spend so much time on the hat for my friend Dave (which also won't be finished for tonight, but it's coming along well and I can bring it to show him) . . . uh, what was I saying?? Oh yes, I've spent so much time on the hat for my friend Dave that I haven't knit any more ornaments. So the three I have will go on my tree (which we are getting today) and that will be that.

I'm also completely axing the scarf I was planning to knit for my MIL. It was going to be one of these. She had no idea I even fathomed knitting her a gift though, so she won't be disappointed. I've already bought the pattern and yarn, so I can always knit it for her birthday (in June) or next Christmas (that might be a deadline I can meet!!).

For now, I'm off the do the last little piece of my super secret Christmas gift and work a bit more on Dave's Crazy Hat (or Crazy Dave's Hat). Then we're off to get our tree!!!!! I'll try to post again this afternoon (or maybe tomorrow) with pictures of the tree and hat. Happy knitting!


Sonya said...

'Tis a smart woman who axes knitting projects rather than driving herself nuts.

I must admit that I may take that too far though. I had my parents pick out sock yarn last Christmas thinking I'd get them knitted by spring. Well, I did manage to finish my mom's (last week) but dad's haven't even seen needles yet. He's making a beeline for Florida after Christmas though, so does he really need wool socks?

Can't wait to see your tree!

chris said...

Good for you, girl! Maintaining sanity is SO much more important than killing yourself trying to get everything knitted. I think it's so much more important to enjoy your time with family and friends and to stay "in the moment," rather than driving yourself nuts trying to make everything perfect. (Yup, can you see that the ghost of Christmas Reality paid me a visit, too? ;-))I'm sure Dave will love his crazy hat...or, that crazy Dave will love his hat! The ornaments are going to look so cute on your tree!! Looking forward to seeing it! Take care! :-)

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