Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It all goes so fast . . .

So after all the planning and build up, the holidays are over in a flash. As great as all the celebrating was, it was kind of nice to stay home today. Pea is on vacation until after the New Year, so my blogging will probably be sporadic until he goes back to work (gotta take advantage of my time with him while I can!!). He finished the final paper for his night class today, so now he's officially on vacation! I spent the morning cleaning the downstairs -which was in a scary state of clutter and filth. You can see my hardwood living room floor again, now that I've relieved it from the carpet of pine needles, paper scraps and a cookie & potato chip crumb mixture. Very stressful for someone as OCD as me!!!

I know I should post pictures of all my great Christmas gifts . . . but I'm so tired and got so much I wouldn't know where to begin. My absolute favorite was from Pea, the Jordana Paige Knitters Purse!!! I never dreamed I would actually get it - and cried when I opened it! It is already filled with all my knitting stuff and is the only bag I've carried with me since Christmas morning. It's a perfect size and the pockets and loops keep everything so organized.

Other fab knitting gifts I got were a swift (the ball winder was sold out, but is on it's way), a huge perfect haul from my Secret Santa which included Knitting on the Road, LL sock yarn, beautiful handmade beaded stitch markers, awesome palm tree knitting needles, a handmade pin, and a chibi (I hope I didn't forget anything - there was so much!!), the Knitting Pattern A Day calendar from my mom, and KnitLit Too and The Knitting Directory from my Bestus Buddy. And that was just my knitting related gifts! See, told you I was spoiled. Oh yeah, Pea also braved a LYS alone to buy stash yarn for my stocking. Luckily, it was the world's nicest yarn shop, where they made him feel at home and also looked up my previous purchases on the computer so they could point him in the direction of yarns I might like.

Pea was quite happy with his haul too. Now that he's seen the scarf, I can block it and then write a proper post about it. He really loved it! I also got him a dozen martini glasses (okay, they were on sale for $1 each at Pier One) along with a shaker set - so he can do his suave Bond thing!! And I got him Cirque Du Soleil tickets, so we're looking forward to going to see that in February!!

I did manage to get both sparkly scarves for my cousin's daughter's finished . . . and mohair or not, I still claim they are ghetto because the metallic strand ripped a cut in my finger by the time the second one was knit! They loved them and seemed impressed that I knit them - which says a lot coming from two seven-year-olds surrounded by toys! My size 12 brother's slippers got finished too. The second one got wrapped while still on the needles, but I finished it yesterday before he left for home in Upstate New York. Mom got a box full of yarn with her sweater pattern and my Bestus Buddy got two balls of sock yarn with a promise to learn to knit them soon, but they both seemed perfectly happy and are anticipating their FO's.

And last, but certainly not least, allow me to introduce the person I have had the pleasure of spoiling for Secret Pal 6!! Please pop over and meet Lynne, a warm, witty, funny and wise person in New York!! I hope you'll have as much fun getting to know her as I did!


chris said...

Karen, I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you and Pea had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see pics of all your awesome gifts- especially the knitters bag and a SWIFT and WINDER, you lucky duck! :-) And Pea is such a keeper for braving the LYS alone! Looking forward to seeing his finished scarf, too. And awesome job on finishing those size 12 slippers for your brother! Glad to hear you and Pea are finally going to have some time together to just relax and enjoy each other. Take care! :-)

Cathy said...

Oh Karen, it sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, I'm so happy you got so many lovely things, not to mention the gift scarves finished! Hooray for you! I hope you enjoy your week with your "Pea" and relax a bit. Have a wonderful New Years!

kathy b said...

Came to your site from Lynne's. I am a regular reader of Knit together in my mother's Womb.

I like to read the lesser known blogs. Your gifts sound wonderful. The bag is so crisp and orderly! '

Happy New Knit YEar

Sonya said...

Oh, Karen, you received some great knitting gifts! (the best kind) And Pea ventured into a knitting shop. That alone is priceless. My husband calls my LYS "the knitting lair." Happy New Year!

Olga said...

yay, Karen, what a haul! and what a *nice* lys...i can't believe they keep track of your purchases! i love the name, too btw...it took me a second to "get" it, but i'm still recovering from last night!

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