Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

The turkey has been eaten.  The pies have been served.  The thanks has been given.  What two things am I most thankful for?

The two loves of my life!!  What else am I thankful for?  Here's a not-so-serious list . . .

  • all my yarn
  • the fact that while my home-made ravioli were a bunt, my home-made cranberry sauce was a grand slam!  Hey, wait, I'm not into baseball, I'm into figure skating.  Okay, the fact that while my home-made ravioli were a single lutz, my home-made cranberry sauce was a quad-toe loop!
  • the fact that I'm not into baseball, I'm into figure skating.
  • my family.  Even the uncle who told me today how fat I am.  Twice.  Really, he honestly did.  Yes, I am even thankful him.
  • the fact that I didn't cry in front of everyone after talking to that uncle.
  • that there are only four more days left of NaBloPoMo.  Seriously, any more and I probably wouldn't make it!!
  • that both my father's twin and my mother's sister were released from the hospital and got to spend Thanksgiving at home with their families.
  • did I mention all the yarn???
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!


Melissa said...

Tell your uncle to shove it!

Anonymous said...

Geez --- every family must have someone like your uncle.

My father-in-law keeps mentioning how grey my hair is getting. Well at least I HAVE hair!!!

Hope you had a great day in spite of it. Just remember hubby and the cat --- they love you JUST the way you are. :-)

bmom said...

Yes -- every family has someone like that! You have a lot to be thankful for - that's the important thing.

Soto Sister said...

Bad uncle! Next time, look him in the eye and say, "That's an incredibly rude thing to say." and walk away. If he doesn't know that already, he should!

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