Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still able to sniff out yarn . . .

A sane person would assume that a knitter going on a Caribbean cruise vacation might bring home some rum cake.  (I did.)  Or some jewelry.  (I didn't.)  But in all likelihood, she would not be bringing home any yarn.

Well, be prepared for the insane.  While wandering around St. George in Bermuda I happened to spy this little sign.

Oh yes. I just happened to stumble across a yarn store in Bermuda.  What are the chances of that?  Well, if you are obsessed with yarn, I guess the chances are pretty good!

It was a cute little store.  Fairly small by New England yarn store standards but pretty big for a tropical island.  In addition to all the yarn, they had a small but nice selection of cross-stitch kits, which was the perfect gift for my mom.  Since she retired she's been cross-stitching and embroidering for a few hours a day.  (Maybe I should teach her to knit??)

Anyway, the owner of Needles Etc. was friendly and very helpful.  I was pretty excited when she told me that they get their yarn from England!  That quickly faded when I looked around to see the only brand they carry is Patons.  Don't get me wrong, I like Patons yarn.  I've used it often, like for that gray sweater, and I have quite a bit more set aside for other projects.  But I can buy Patons in any of the Big Box Craft Stores here at home.  I guess I was hoping for something a bit more exotic and hard to come by.

Don't worry, I did find some yarn that was just calling out to come home with me!

Three skeins of Patons diploma Gold.  It's a wool, acrylic, nylon blend and DK weight.  I think it will be perfect for a pair of color-work socks.  Leave it to me to find wool sock yarn in Bermuda!


2BSewing: said...

Cool that you found a yarn store on an island. I have yet to locate one. :) I did come across a fabric store in Roseau, Dominica. It carried the typical fabrics I would find here in the US.

I haven't seen Diploma Gold here so at least you found something unique. :)

Suzanne said...

My ladyfriend is from the Caribbean, and she said that crafting the way we do is really uncommon on most islands. If you knit or crochet in her country, you do it with crappy yarn from big box stores because of the price difference. She will be mail-ordering the good stuff, however.

kathy b said...

So funny that you found wool in Bermuda. Way to go my friend. sounds like you made a good decision re; only getting yarns you can use.

Sonya said...

No jewelry?!? I guess yarn is an appropriate substitute. I love the colors you picked!

Lynn said...

I'm surprised they HAD wool socks in Bermuda!!! But I don't think you are nuts in locating a yarn shop. Gotta look for them where ever we go! There is a pretty nice one in Key West. I asked how they stayed open and they told me they are close to where the cruise ships dock so they get LOTS of tourists visit. They can pick up something that will remind them of their trip to the Keys.

Zonda said...

Wild! :)

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