Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet, Sweet San Diego . . .

So, that cryptic last post?  I was "out of sorts" because I was in a whole new time zone, and I was "here" on my blog "but not here" because I wasn't home.  Pea got sent to San Diego for work last week.  I decided to tag along, and we managed to fit some play time in too.

San Diego is the sweetest city I've ever seen.  The weather is sweet.  The beach is sweet.

It was about 80 degrees and I got a bit sunburned, and I loved it.  I can now say I've touched the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic.  And wwwaaaayyy out there?  It wasn't Long Island, like when I look out at home.  It was Mexico.  Wow.

The Trolley Tour was sweet.  We saw Old Town, where we ate the best Mexican food ever.
Yup, Mexican two days in a row. It was so good, we had to go back for more.

We saw the sweet Gas Lamp district, where we had many an awesome breakfast at Richard Walkers and found the most incredible cupcakes.
Seriously, these things were amazing. After a bite, I accidentally dropped mine on the hotel room floor.  And for one brief moment, OCD me was tempted to eat it anyway.  (I didn't, but I did walk the seven blocks back to buy a new one.)

And we hopped around sweet Seaport Village to see the sights and browse the shops.

We found a sweet spot in Balboa Park to enjoy some southern California scenery.

And of course, there were some visits to some sweet yarn stores.  Black Sheep, The Shepherdess, and Knitting in La Jolla (I guess they don't have a web-site).
Oh yes, even in a place where the temps are in the 70's year round, I can manage to find sock yarn!

But by far, the sweetest thing about San Diego was the fact that I was going to be meeting up with a California blog pal.  Not a knitting blog pal, although Karyn (& Noey) and I would have if we could have worked it out.  Instead I met with the diabetes blog communities self-proclaimed Ninjabetic, George!  As a surprise, he had another diabetes blogger with him, all the way from Minnesota. So Pea and I also got to meet Scott!
Trust me when I tell you, these guys are quite big in the diabetes blogging community, and it was an honor to meet them . Just like with knit-bloggers, there was an instant connection and we had more fun than I can tell you!  We caused such a scene, our waitress even agreed to take a picture with us.  (Yes, my sunburn is also featured prominantly!)

But now we are back home. The sun is still out, but the temperatures are about 50 degrees colder. I guess it's the perfect excuse to cuddle up with K.C. and get working on my socks and sweater!


kathy b said...

How wonderful that you two got AWAY. And that you met George and Friend. What is George's blog?

You got your Vitamin D

I bet KC is happy to be home and did just fine...

Great yarn buys Karen

Trina said...

Fantastic photos, sounds like you had a nice time away!
And mmm cupcakes, I have an urge to bake now :)

Chelle said...

I love San Diego! And Old Town is so much fun, I'm glad you enjoyed the food and the weather.

And I'm so glad you took the break; I've been thinking about you both. Sounds like just what you needed!

Heide said...

Mmm, that cupcake looks delicious! Wise move not to eat it off of the hotel room floor, they're pretty scary places. Beautiful sock yarn. Enjoy snuggling with KC and knitting.

bmom said...

San Diego is a great place to visit -- especially when it's winter in New England.

It's fun to get away every once in a while -- it makes coming home even better.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. The pictures of the cupcake has me seriously craving one myself.

Good thing it is too late in the evening for me to head to SWEET!

Marissa said...

What a gorgeous beach. Mmmm, can't wait for summer...hey, what is that fantastic blue yarn on the right in the pic? It's jaw-dropping!! Glad you got away, it sounds like a great trip!

Zonda said...

Glad you both had a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip! I love the weather in San Diego too! Love the sock yarn that you picked up! :)

knitseashore said...

Your photos remind me so much of my trip there; wish I could go back! Isn't it so weird to stand on the beach and realize you are not looking towards England/Spain/LI Sound? That kind of unnerved me! But it was beautiful all the same. Loved Coronado and wished I had time to tour the hotel there.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh...I read this whole post thinking, "Okay, where's the yarn? She went on a trip...there will be yarn in this post..." the whole time ;)

Walden said...

Oh, that Mexican food looks too good. No good mexican food here :(

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Gald you had a fun little jaunt!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys had a great time! Beautiful yarn that you picked up, and that cupcake looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to live out there! I enjoyed reading this one, because I can picture all those places in my wee little mind. Ahhhh...memories.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

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