Monday, June 25, 2007

Back into the Blogiverse

My goodness, I certainly didn't intend to be away for so long. In the past week I finished my first web design class and started my second. I battled a horrid headache (maybe a migraine??) for two days. I worked on getting my last little domain problem ironed out (now if you forgot to put the "www" in front of you get a nifty little redirect page that will shoot you over to the blog. You can try it here, but don't blink because it should go pretty quick). I finally got my domain e-mail up and running - hopefully I haven't jinxed it now! Of course, I've spend many, many hours on Ravelry putting my stuff in (you were all right, it's SO addictive). And Pea is on vacation, so we've been trying to do some fun stuff. Whew, I'm tired just typing it!!

But I am back, and hoping you will forgive me. I have been knitting a little. In fact, I've got my little footies done!!

Little Pansy Socks
Cast On: 30 May 2007
Completed: 21 June 2007
Yarn: Cascade Fixation, Colorway 9518
Needles: Clover Bamboo US4 (3.5mm) DPNs

These were very simple socks, just 1 1/2 inches of ribbing, the Eye of the Partridge heel, and the foot. I love how they came out though. And they only took one ball of Cascade Fixation . . . with a mere three yards left. Talk about good yarn management. I named them Little Pansy Socks because the colorway reminds me of pansies. I plant my pansies when it's just starting to warm up, but still to cold for other flowers. And I'm wearing the socks when it's just starting to become too warm for wool socks, but still too cold for no socks!

I'm not sure I would call what I did "writing a pattern", but a couple of you were kind enough to ask for it. So I've written it up, and thank you so much for your interest!! I've posted a link on the sidebar to my new pattern page. If you are interested, click on over and download the pdf. And please, be sure to let me know if you have any problems!!


Ragan said...

Wow, those are cute little socks! Now I know why I haven't seen you around for surely have been busy!
Hurray for patterns! I have to check out all your links...and the pattern now!
Thank you for the links, you are too sweeeeet! Uh-Oh Ambien kicking in now...will catch up with you more later!!!!

Elizabeth said...

The new site looks great - I'm so impressed! I like the socks too - the footies that I made didn't have enough ribbing around the ankle, and your pattern takes care of that.

Twinkerbell said...

You are amazing! Thanks so much for the pattern :) I'm so excited to try it, I'll use that Orphan skein of Art Yarns I found. Once again thanks!

Anonymous said...

I guess you are busy!

Very cute socks!

Zonda said...

Cute socks! I'm working on a pair now! Using Elann's yarn though, interesting colorway!

Sonya said...

Very cute socks! You've been so busy. I love pansies too. They're such a happy flower.

Melissa said...

The little socks are cute!
I'm so addicted to Ravelry until it is just sad. :)

Ariel said...

So cute! And perfect for in-between weather.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern! I cant wait to give it a go (after I do my girls jumpers...really...maybe...)...


~Kristie said...

Don't you just love summer footies! Yours are adorable!!

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