Thursday, December 07, 2006


Thank you all so much for the enthusiasm about my yarn!! I'm quite anxious to see how it knits up, but I'll have to wait until after my Christmas knitting is done. For those of you who asked, here is my recipe:

  • Tan - two packets of Tamarindo with a sprinkle of Grape
  • Blue - 7 packets of Ice Blue Raspberry, the rest of the packet of Grape and a little sprinkle of Cherry
  • Burgundy - 2 packets of Cherry, 1 packet of Watermelon Cherry, 1 packet Tropical Punch and a half packet of Grape
Not very scientific, it's just important to sprinkle in some grape or cherry to tone down the day-glo quality of the Kool-Aid. I dip-dye the yarn, because we *gasp* don't have a microwave.

I've taken a little break from my Christmas knitting to knit for a couple of good causes. The first is my square for Comforting Jenn - I took the picture before it was blocked . . . I don't know why!

(Click the photo for details)

It's all knit up and ready to become part of an afghan for a woman who has had more sorrow in her life than anyone should have to bear. I hope it brings her some comfort. You can find out more about the afghan here:

I've also finished a hat for another very special cause, but I'll save that for my next post. My wonderful Pea was kind enough to kiss me good-night even though he was sick with a cold. Thanks honey, just what I needed. I'm off to the couch for some tea and a nap. *sniff, cough*


Sonya said...

That's a very soothing rich shade of green. I hope Jenn has a strong support network with all that she's dealing with. Fight off your cold! Kevin has one and we've been doing a lot of Hollywood air kissing to prevent germ transmission.

~Kristie said...

Thanks for the yarn "recipe". When I venture into the art of dyeing (even if it is kool-aid), I will definitely try your "recipe" first!!

Your square for Jenn's blanket is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE that stitch pattern!

Laura said...

i agree, grape &/or black cherry are the ticket -- they really help make the colors deeper.

tamarindo kool-aid? i have never heard of this flavor!

Cathy said...

What a lovely square :) Thanks so much Karen. I hope you and Pea are both healthy soon :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a microwave either! [solidarity] I'd been planning on Kool-Aid dyeing back when I had a microwave, and though my Kool-Aid was tossed in the move, I've been a bit nervous knowing I'd have to do it on the stovetop!

Scoutj said...

Wait. You don't have a microwave???

Melissa said... do you live without a microwave? :)
Thanks for sharing the secret to awesome Kool-Aid dyeing.
Here's hoping the immune system stays up and you don't get sick too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - bad, baaad Pea! But then again, who would say "No" to a kiss, even when it comes from a sniffy and caughing guy? :) So, I hope you're both doing much, much better by now - do stay warm and try to get as much rest as possible, and you'll soon be as good as new again! ;)
But oy, I'll have to join the chorus: Huh? You don't have a microwave? Really, for us Europeans the thought that there's Americans who don't have a microwave is... well... strange ;) Unbelievable ;)

MissyJoon said...

I need kool-aide dying lessons;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! You have a cold too!!!! Ack! I hope that you are feeling better soon! I can sympathize...really. Yuck! Thank you for the recipe, although it would never look as good as yours! Really, I cannot wait to see what you decide to knit up with that!
Love that square.

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