Thursday, April 06, 2006


Oh sure, after days and days of gray skies and rain, we finally have a beautiful sunny day . . . and I'm sick. Not major sick, but I've been feeling off since Tuesday. Very dizzy, very tired, and this morning I woke up feeling extremely queasy. When I don't want coffee immediately upon waking, you know there is something wrong. So much for my walk with my friend and her daughter outside in the sunshine.

I also still have no FO to post. I am SO CLOSE to finishing my Bestus Buddy sock. Only about half an inch to go. But I just haven't felt up to knitting for the past few days - which, of course, is another huge indicator that something is wrong. No coffee and no knitting - yeah, I must be sick. Anyway, I think I'll finish them up today and post them tomorrow, since I plan to spent today on the couch. I may try to crank out the Reverse-Bloom Washcloth too. I haven't touched it since the day I cast on, so I really should pick that up again. And Sunrise Circle is coming along slowly. I have a feeling I won't be wearing it for Easter though.

I've been so remiss is posting this week because I've been feeling so icky. I should have posted this much much sooner, but look what came in the mail late Saturday!!!

I won, I won!!!My prize yarn from Jill's contest over at You Know You Knit Too Much When . . . My name came out in the mid-contest random drawing. Isn't it pretty???? This is a yarn I certainly would have picked out myself - I just love the colors, and of course, sock yarn is my thing lately. And look at the cute card and precious little stitch markers she sent along with it!!! So cute.

During Flash Your Stash, I noticed someone (I don't remember who) counted their sock yarn to see how many pairs they could make. Since I seem to have become the worst kind of Yarn Floozy . . . a Sock Yarn Ho . . . I thought it might be interesting to see where my Sock Yarn Stash stands.

No such thing as too much sock yarnWhat you see there in that overflowing basket of sock yarn is enough yarn to make 22 pairs of socks. TWENTY TWO!!!!! Okay, some would be ankle socks . . . .but still! Yikes.


Lynda said...

Whoa - nice yarn stash!

Feel better!!! Too icky to knit IS bad. Dare I suggest, pregnant??

Stephanie said...

I see some Mermiads there. Yay! I still haven't decided what I am going to knit with mine. I guess I ought to knit some for my daughter since she inspired the whole thing. :)

Elizabeth said...

I love the stash! 22 pairs of socks seems reasonable - no one would blink at seeing 22 pairs of socks in a sock drawer.

I hope you feel better - I'm in CT also and the weather is much nicer today. The snow yesterday morning was a shock.

Sonya said...

Pretty basket of sock yarn! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world, I'm dizzy every day! Ohwait, you probably didn't mean 'blonde' dizzy...ewps ;o)

I hope you feel better soon!

I haven't counted my sock stash...think I should? *gulp*

Ragan said...

Wow! I hope that you are feeling better soon! I hate being sick, and well, know that feeling! GET WELL SOON!!!
WOW...again! Look at all that sock yarn! Lovely!
And, am I seeing things, or did the pointer turn into a sunflower when I was on your blog???

Jenn said...

Your yarn is so yummy! It's so fun to win!
Um, yeah, I counted my sock yarn today too (just for kicks) - enough for 32 pairs. Yikes.

Ya-Ya said...

I hope you are feeling better soon to perk that coffee. I have been in the same boat and when I don't make a pot of coffee in the morning, it's just not a happy day! Hey, teach me how to put a flower or something on my blog. Smarty pants!

knittinmom said...

Uh, oh - the first thing I thought of when I read your symptoms was "she's pregnant" (esp. the coffee aversion). Eek! I hope you're feeling better now!

I just noticed that my mouse pointer turns into a little sunflower when I go to your blog now. How cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it really sounds you're sick - no knitting and no coffee, oops, that's not a good sign! Do take care of yourself, and I sure hope that you'll be feeling better - and ready for knitting and coffee - very, very soon!
I love the yarn you got, and your stash of sock yarn is amazing - I'd love to jump right into it, dive around in there a bit and then knit, knit, knit - that's probably what you'll be doing as well, won't you?

Cathy said...

awwwwwww Karen, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well :( There seems to be so much going around lately! Love your sock yarn - I can't tell you how much I have ;). I think you can NEVER have too much sock yarn :) Feel better soon, and take good care of yourself.

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