Friday, April 07, 2006


When I wrote yesterday's post, I had no idea I was starting my own pregnancy rumor!!!! While Pea and I would be thrilled if that were the case, I must assure you that I was just fending off that bug that's been making the rounds. A day on the couch and some chicken soup brimming with garlic and spinach have set me right again. For now, the only additions to our little family will be of the fibery nature.

Speaking of which, look what the stork brought yesterday!!!

The latest addition to our family.

Bestus Buddy Socks
Conceived: March 21, 2006
Born: April 6, 2006
DNA:Knit Picks Parade in Checkers

It's twins!!!The labor with this pair wasn't too bad. The only time I was crying for something to numb the pain was during the short-row heels. Although the picture on the left doesn't show it very well, these twins are almost identical.

Non-matching birth-marksThe only distinguishing feature is the non-matching birth-marks on their heels. I knew this was the case early in the birthing process, but in the interest of saving yarn decided I would be okay with it. The new arrivals are resting quite comfortably on "mama's" feet as I type.


Lynda said...

Too funny! Very nice new babies you have there!

Sonya said...

Very rare that the stork brings identical (nearly) twins, you know. Good lookin' kids too.

Wendy said...

Do they make an epidural for short-rows?


Jillio said...

nice socks! how you feeling after those short row heels? i hear that's the hardest part. :)

Laura said...

Yay! They look great! I love that yarn. Might have to get me some of that. :)

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your new arrivals! They are darling ;) and you are too cute!

Unknown said...

I wondered, the symptoms sounded familiar! But I see the delivery you got was just as wonderful. Plus, they don't cry much. Beautiful babies!

Scoutj said...

I would never hurt you! ;)

I really need to get some of that knitpicks. I love them!

Jen said...

Ha! I didn't even think of that, but now that you mention it... oh well. Maybe some other good news about new additions is in your future ;)

Great socks. And you really can't tell that the heels look any different. Great job on shortrowing those heels!

Anonymous said...

wait. you're pregnant? (KIDDING!)

Nice twins!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful socks, they look so warm and comfy and yet so cheerful with your choice of colors - great job done!

Christine said...

Oh! I really want to try a short row heel, mainly for that same sock yarn! I'm feeling inspired now - I might jut have to make those my next socks!

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