Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm still here.

I know I kind of dropped out of sight after creating my new banner on Saturday, but I'm here and I'm okay. Thank you so much to everyone who left such nice comments about the banner. I still managed to find a few things I would like to fix on it (my OCD is jumping in again), but I'll probably just leave it as it is. Especially since the Paint Shop Pro Police must have read my blog - sure enough my trial edition no longer works. I should have kept my mouth shut!!! I'm looking to purchase one off E-Bay if the price is right (cheap).

Before you read any further, I should probably give you fair warning that this will probably be one of those whiney, disjointed, rambling posts that everyone loves to read (not). I've been feeling really blue, and haven't been much interested in blogging, e-mailing or even knitting (I didn't knit a single stitch yesterday, can't remember the last time that happened). I think my problem is three-fold. Family problems - on the in-law side. PMS - self explanatory. Total lack of Easter enthusiasm - my brother moved to CA in January, so this will be our first holiday without him, and Pea may end up going to LI to be with his parents (who turned down an invite from my parents to come here) so I'll be missing him too. In fact, our Easter dinner will probably consist of me, my Mom, my Dad . . . and an 8 lb. Prime Rib. My aunt and uncle will be here tomorrow (remember their recently side-lined visit???) and we're hoping to talk them into staying for Easter dinner. That would help us all feel a bit better, I think.

Okay, enough of this pity party . . . . I know I do have so much to be thankful for and should stop being such a nudge. I have a wonderful family and a warm home and plenty of food for an Easter feast, and there are so many people out there who don't have any of that.

On to brighter, fun things. My new friend Jodi had a brilliant knitting organization idea, and was kind enough to give me a sneak preview. To the left is her Gettin' Knit Together Kit, which includes everything you need to organize your stash and your knitting life as a whole. The Yarn Minder ensures you will never have to play "What yarn is this and where did I buy it" again. I know I always try to keep the yarn label with the ball in my stash, but the Yarn Gremlins seem to get in there and mix them all up. The kit also includes the best needle inventory card I've ever seen, brilliant forms for keeping track of all your project notes and details, a sheet to record all your measurements so you don't have to whip out the tape measure every time you start a new project, and a bag that's actually big enough to hold your whole project with all the yarn while providing easy access to it. All in one pretty pink kit!!! Best of all, she has them put together and ready for sale now. Check out how you can get your own here! Only another knitter could come up with a kit this complete.

My new neighbors are all moved in, and while I haven't met them yet, I did "meet" their dog. I'm not sure what kind he is, but it's one of those scary, mean, bite-you-hard looking breeds. Looks can be deceiving though, and I get the idea he's the sweetest little doggie. They leave him outside in the yard all day, and he barks at me a bit when I go out to hang the laundry. I talk to him a little, and he settles right now. But by the end of the day, I think he gets pretty lonely, because he sits by his ball, looks at their house, and just barks and cries. It breaks my heart. This morning they put him out at 5:30 am and he barked and cried for an hour. Poor little guy, it was still dark out there. In fact, he's crying right now. It's killing me.

I know I owe a lot of you some e-mails, and I promise to snap out of my mood and get to that today or tomorrow. I've also been guilty of doing some major lurking, but have tried to start leaving some comments on your blogs again today. I also need to do a Project Spectrum post - I have tons of Yellow & Orange around my house to show you. I didn't realize how much I loved those colors (especially the yellow) until I started looking around and seeing how much yellow I actually have!! Thanks Lolly, for opening up my eyes!!! (And yes, you're comment is correct - I chose the Sunflower mouse-pointer for PS and plan to changed it each month!!)


Lynda said...

I have a few blog friends who are in a funk.... maybe there's some knitting blog virus going around? I hope things perk up for you soon! Don't worry about us, we're not going anywhere!

Anonymous said...

You don't need to get full blown photoshop to be able to mess with photos - I use Photoshop Elements and it works like a dream ;o)

And, when you meet your new neighbors you might want to gently break it to them that their doggie has separation anxiety issues. They probably don't even know he's crying for them when they're not home :o(

Cathy said...

Awwwwww Karen, I'm so sorry about your Easter - I've been feeling the same way about the holiday, which is probably why I haven't been able to get myself going on it. I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. I pray all straightens out for you soon and that the Sun shines on you soon!

chris said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling blue. Nobody deserves happiness in their life more than you! Family problems are the hardest, and I think they're especially difficult to deal with when they're occurring with your in-laws. I so wish that there were something I could do to help!! It must be so hard to have your brother away, too, especially during this holiday when Pete's going to LI. I'm sending you BIG hugs and lots of positive thoughts, hoping for everything to be resolved soon, especially with the family situation. Please know that I'm thinking about you and wishing you only happiness. BTW, you're too funny- your banner looks pretty perfect to me!! ;-) Hugs to you and take care, Karen!!! :-)

Sonya said...

I join you in your funk, Karen. PMS usually sends me into a mini-funk, but I don't have that excuse at the moment. Must be something in air. I hope your Easter plans shape up. Family issues can be so draining. I'll be thinking of you.

Noey D. said...

I empathize with you too, Karen! I've been feeling blase about knitting and blogging, and life in general! Wish you could come to our house for Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Poor you - holidays like this can sure get people into the blues - there's a lot of anticipation and excitement around, and people who're facing not so bright times can get dragged down easily by this!
I sure do hope that you and your parents will have a peaceful and nice time together this Easter, even if it's just the three of you (but perhaps your aunt and uncle will join!) - but still, it'd be 3 - or 5 - people who love each other, so that could make up a bit for the sadness. I'm thinking of you these days!

Ragan said...

Sorry I haven't visited you in awhile. I have been slacking off lately!!!
I am sorry to hear about your in-laws issue. :( I hope that your Easter turns out well though and that you are feeling better soon.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hope you get out of your IL issues soon. Trust me, I know how crazy it can be. :(
BIG HUGS to you,

Wendy said...

Hope you're over your funk! I suggest going to your LYS, and plunking down some serious cash for cashmere - that should do it!


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