Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Three down . . .

Every year, a bunch of my friends get together for a Christmas Party. We alternate hosting duties. Our friends Tom and Leigh are hosting this year, and I decided it might be fun to knit an ornament for each guest. (Yeah, I'm delusional. Fun . . . . ha ha ha ha ha ha!!) I've been working very hard on them since . . . well, since yesterday. I have three done, including the funny looking bear I knit up on Saturday. I gave him a little scarf and I think it improved him a bit.

Ornament 1 - Itty Bitty BearOrnament 2 - Mini Sweater Ornament 3 - Mini Stocking

I also have plans for a Santa Hat ornament, which I think will go more quickly than the other three. However, since there will be ten of us at the party, I have to knit SEVEN MORE!!!! There's no way I can get them done in time, is there? Well, maybe. Realistically, I don't need to knit one for me or for Pea, so that leaves me with five more to do. Two tomorrow, two on Friday and one on Saturday? It might happen. If I don't do anything else!!!! Um, yeah, tomorrow I'll tell you about the hat I need to finish for the party too.


chris said...

I'm cheering you on... You can do it! You can do it! The ornaments are SOOO cute!! I love the bear's scarf- such a nice touch. And the sweater and sock look fabulous, too- look at that cute snowflake detail on the sweater! Are you making these for your tree, too? They'd be super cute. And what's this about the hat you need to finish for the party, too? ;-) I know you can finish it all in time- now go get a-knittin', girl, hee! :-)

Sonya said...

Go, Karen; go, Karen! I'm amazed that you cranked out 2 more since yesterday. The scarf really does add a certain something to the bear. The sweater and sock are so festive. I love the snowflake. Besides, it wouldn't be Christmas without a little pressure.

Jillio said...


that's all i have to say about that :)

Noey D. said...

They're all so cute!! Great job!

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