Thursday, September 23, 2010

Revenge of the Knitting . . .

I’ve come to realize that T.V. is partially to blame for my missing knitting mojo over the summer.  Or more precisely, lack of T.V. is to blame.  Sure there were a few shows on cable networks like TNT and USA that I enjoyed, but for the most part there isn’t much to watch.  So my attention gets sucked up by my computer and my hands are too busy typing to knit.

Luckily, the new Fall season is off to a start.   I’m watching my favorite returning shows and sampling some of the new ones.  And my hands are once again reaching into the WIP pile.  All is right with my world, right?

Maybe not.  I picked up a baby sweater that is pretty close to being done.  I’m on the easy lace pattern the decorates the bottom half.  I put on an hour  long drama.  And as I got to the end of the first row . . . . .


I had one extra stitch left over.  One.  Extra.  Stitch.

Upon examination, I seemed to have K2 when I should have K3, less than 40 stitches into the row.  I had to rip back almost the entire row to fix it.

My neglected knitting is pissed off over being ignored all summer long . . . . and it’s exacting it’s sweet revenge.


Anonymous said...

Knitting will do that! It has evil intent sometimes.

Sonya said...

I hate vengeful knitting. Really cute sweater though.

Anonymous said...

Don't 'cha just hate that ?
It's going to be really pretty when your through.

Julie said...

That's where the Roku box and Netflix save me, plenty to watch when there's nothing on TV. Ripping back seems to be my life this week- 8 rows on a sock and now I need to rip 8 rows on a shawl, ouch!

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