Thursday, September 09, 2010

Perhaps a lobotomy would help . . .

I don’t know what’s been going on with me, but I can’t seem to stay knit-focused.  Heck, quite often I’m not knitting at all.  And when I do, I’m all over the place.  I’ve got so many projects going I can’t seem to keep track.  There hasn’t been any real progress on any of them.  Yet when a knit-mood strikes, I find a way to justify casting on something new.

Like a pair of ankle socks.  Because I could finish them by the end of August for Sock-A-Month.  (I didn’t - haven’t even finished the first one.)

Or a baby sweater.  Which goes fast, because babies are small.  (Yeah, right.)  I really need to get my act together on this one before the baby outgrows it and I have to start all over again.

But a dishcloth is always a good idea.  They are so useful.  And best of all, they are quick quick quick.  (You see how I seem to keep gravitating towards quick projects?  Even so, I’m getting nothing done.

And then there are all those other projects.  Things I’ve started months ago.  Things I’ve started years ago.  Things I don’t even remember.

So, what is wrong with me?  Why am I either a knit-slacker or a knit-ADDer?  And really, do you think a lobotomy would help??


sophanne said...

Lobotomy- probably not- when faced with a similar situation I just said "hey self- it's o.k. not to knit for a while." what a relief

Sarah said...

well if you're crazy so am I!
My BF tells me it's ADD - so we'll call it that. :)

Ann said...

Maybe it means that you aren't really interested in any of your current WIPs right now.
Maybe you should sit down and reassess them, maybe put them away for a while, and find a project that really inspires you so you'll want to knit it.
Or maybe it's time to take a week off, like Sophanne said.
Knitting should be fun and relaxing, not something we have to force ourselves to do.

Laura said...

I definitely don't think the lobotomy would help. I'm the same way with the knitting lately too. I can't keep focused on anything though, not just the knitting. Don't worry... you'll get through it... maybe you just need some cooler weather to get you back on your knitting grove! :)

Walden said...

Eh, lobotomies are overrated! It leaves too much of the brain still functioning, unfortunately. :)

I agree with some of the other comments. I usually do one of two things: reassess the WIPs or just shrug it off and continuing casting on. You are bound to find something you fall in love with.

Scott S said...

You're a better blogger than I am! I cannot do it so regularly, and you do it on multiple subjects, too!!

Noey D. said...

At least with a lobotomy you wouldn't care if anything got done or not!! I know what you mean! I don't feel like working on my current projects, so should I start something new or just not do anything at all?!!

Zonda said...

Nah, no lobotomy! Would it help to let you know my pile is taller ;)

Teresa said...

I forget which podcaster it was, one year her new years resolution was, "I cannot cast on a new project unless I finish two UFO's" she became VERY motivated. Good luck, and you are NO where near a lobotomy. LOL

Marty said...

I have projects I don't even remember starting. I'll get the rare motivation to clean something out and there it is staring at me accusingly, And I'm wondering which decade I started it in!

kathy b said...

NO. The lobotomy will not help. At least you are starting projects. That shows excitement to me, and I wish I had some energy for them. I may be posting again soon. I have been slowly knitting a bit here and there again. :) Hi to KC

Anonymous said...

This just cracked me up, so funny!
So True, I can relate.


Sonya said...

I think I'd rather have UFOs than a lobotomy! I hate that restless, knitting ADD feeling too. I have a million projects I want to knit, but I'm trying to get a hat for Kevin and a cardigan for my mom out of the way first.

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