Sunday, May 02, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week: Sunday - What a Yarn - knitcroblo7

There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar. If it is a yarn you have used you could show the project that you used it for, perhaps writing a mini ‘review’. Perhaps, instead, you pine for the feel of the almost mythical qiviut? You could explore and research the raw material and manufacturing process if you were feeling investigative.

Today I thought I'd share with you one of my most treasured skeins of yarn.

What you see there is my one and only skein of ArtYarns Cashmere 5, in a gorgeous natural creamy color.  (Please excuse my crappy picture taking though.)  I won it as a door prize at our local Stitch n Pitch game in 2008.  Honestly, if I hadn't won this yarn I'm sure I would never ever have it in my stash.  With a price tag of close to $50 for 102 yards, it is unlikely to ever fit into my budget.  So I'm extremely grateful to have been lucky enough to win this wonderful skein of yarn.  My ultimate plan is to knit it up into a scarf from Luxury One Skein Wonders.  But for now, I'm happy to just pet it and admire it.


sara said...

I would *never* knit with that. I would just use it as a lap pet, too. Wowzers. $50 for 102 yards?

Anonymous said...

Wow! THAT is one great door prize.

There are so many lovely shawlette patterns. I bet you'll find something just perfect for that yarn.

In the meantime --- you have a nice yarn-pet.

JelliDonut said...

If I ever win the lottery, I swear I'm buying enough of that yarn for a shawl. I can dream, can't I?

Melanie said...


knitseashore said...

Mmmmmm. So soft. I don't think I could splurge for cashmere yarn either, though I did buy some for a friend because I'm not sure she would have gotten it for herself, even for a birthday!

You should totally knit it up, wear it, and enjoy it.

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