Thursday, May 28, 2009

How is today Thursday???

Seriously, I've got to get back to blogging on a regular schedule. But the past week has been a total blur.

There was some celebrating done over the holiday weekend.  With lots of martinis.  And cake.

Lots of cake!!  One on Monday and one on Tuesday.

And of course, there were fibery gifts and knitting books too.  I'll tell you more about those when the clouds go away and I can take a better picture than this pathetic one.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been all parties over here.  We also had K.C.'s surgery to get through yesterday.  She had a tough time and we had some bad scares last night.  But this morning, she's doing so much better.  She can walk again, and she even purred and snuggled down into my lap. She's a trooper.

If you look close, you can make out some of her 3 inches of stitches on her poor shaved belly.  For now, she seems to be resting comfortably in her sick room (aka the bathroom) where she is safely away from anything she might be tempted to climb on. 

And for me, I'm pretty tired too.  Should I knit?  Or should I nap?


Estella said...

I like the knitting central bag you have there - what goodies did you get?

kathy b said...

You deserve a big nap. what happened with the scares????? Shoot me an email ONLY if you have time.
How does a careful diabetic such as yourself have those wonderful cakes? IM DElighted for you if you can eat them. They were gorgeous. Can't wait to hear about those chocolates in the yarn.

Walden said...

It's good to know K.C. seems to be healing and doing better.

Congrats on all the fibery goodness.

shelter volunteer said...

Two birthday cakes?! Yum!!! So glad you were spoiled with knitting goodies!

How is K.C.? I hope the scares weren't toooo scary and she is feeling better today. She is so adorable in her little bed, I can't stand it.

Qutecowgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

Mmmm the cakes are making me hungry = )

I am glad KC is doing better, and sending healing thoughts your way


Trina said...

Those cakes look amazing! Sounds like you had a nice birthday weekend :)

Good to hear KC is feeling better now

bmom said...

I hope KC is back to her normal KC-self. It's scary to see them in recovery.

sunsetknitter said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great day with great cakes.
I'm glad your kitty is doing better.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Glad Kitty is better. Hope you had a great day. PS - You're going to love Artisan Bread. Yummy - better than cake (and better for you). Enjoy.

Zonda said...

Aww..poor thing! I'd sleep, but that's me ;)

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