Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Not Fast Enough

Things that don't go fast enough . . . .

  • my Internet connection (or more accurately, my whole computer. I think it's on it's last leg.)
  • the days that need to pass until the weekend
  • the four hours until dinner (Pea and I are on diets, and find ourselves very hungry between meals)
  • my latest pair of socks . . .
Yup, last week I realized that August was right around the corner, and I wasn't likely to finish either of my current Socks In Progress in time for a July SAM credit. So I decided to cast on a pair of footies. Footies are quick, and if I made the cuff at least 2 inches long, they'd count for a Summer Of Socks credit also. (Does that make them Shorties instead of Footies???)

I pulled some Elann Esprit / Sock It To Me from deep within the stash and cast on. I'd been mulling over an idea for footies with cables like the famous Fetching Mitts. I decided my cables would alternate between left and right crossing. It ended up looking something like this. (They look better in real life though.)

I like it. But as you can see, today is July 30th and sock #1 isn't finished. How likely is it that I can knit one and a half footies by midnight tomorrow??

Not very likely at all. Oh well, I guess I'll finish next week and have my August credit out of the way early.


Qutecowgirl said...

Very nice.

How about baby / toddler/ child socks? I have done that in the past ask my son = )

Zonda said...

Well, they are looking good so far!! Hope you wrote down what you did, I'm interested! :)

Jennifer said...

The socks look great though! Have August out of the way early could be a good thing.

Jessica said...

They are very cute even if they won't make the deadline. Glad you had a good trip too!

Nancy said...

The "express" line at the grocery store. (Things that don't go fast enough.) Cute sockies!

Alisha said...

I like the socks...I suck at knitting deadlines so I would so not be getting them done.

kathy b said...

I love the sock color Karen!

Thiings that don't go fast enough for me:

church, sometimes
march, the month is hard every year
the day before vacation, at work

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