Friday, October 20, 2006

"Yarnbeck" bound!!!

Apparently, the excitement over Rhinebeck has gone straight to my brain. A few weeks ago, I accidentally called it "Yarnbeck", so Pea and I have been referring to it that way every since.

Pea is not quite as excited as I am, although he perked up a little when Elizabeth mentioned that there would be a wine tasting there. Here is our conversation from yesterday:

Pea: You can drop me off at the wine bar and look at yarn as long as you want.
What I thought I said: You would really stay at the wine bar and send me out all alone?
Pea (laughing): Do you know what you just said?
What I thought I said again: Yes, I said You would really stay at the wine bar and send me out all alone?
Pea (laughing even harder): Do you know you called it the "yarn bar" both times?

Okay, I could swear I said wine bar, not yarn bar. But Pea insists I said yarn bar, and I can always tell when he's lying. He wasn't lying. I'm obsessed.

I'm also a square. If I can get my computer to recognize my camera again, I'll take a picture of myself to help you out. In case I can't, here's the most recent one I have.

My hair is a bit shorter now. I'm not sure what I'm wearing yet, aside from jeans. And I'll be carrying an I'm A Square bag. Hope to see ya there!!


Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Have fun and buy lots since Christine and I can't be there!!! We will live vicariously through you!!

Nancy said...

Enjoy! Hug an Alpaca for me! :-)

Jillio said...

teee heee hee! THAT'S funny!
i'm not so sure that a yarn, i mean, WINE bar is such a good idea when knitters and yarn are in the same place.
yarn bar...jeez. crazy.

Wannabe said...

Muahahahahahha! You have yarn brain. It's worse than mommy brain...I unfortunately have both. LOL! Have a great time! We expect pics woman!! :)

Jenn said...


Sonya said...

I'll be living vicariously through you at Yarnbeck so have a great time! Yarnapalooza, baby!

Nathalie said...

have fun, and buy some yarn! (So i can vicariously enjoy it, of course!) Alas, attending Rhinebeck, err, i mena Yarnbeck involves a passport and an international flight! Oh that it were not so...

Cathy said...

I'm sorry I won't be there :( But you have a great time!

I have to admit, I read your post and it took me a while to realize that you had said yarn bar instead of wine bar! lol I guess my brain must be a wee bit muddled also :)

Anonymous said... can leave Pea at the Wine bar....And you can leave ME at the yarn bar! lol

Have lots of fun..take lots of piccies!!


Anonymous said...

I love that you said "yarn bar". I frequently accidentally insert the word yarn where it's not supposed to go. I'm glad I'm not the only one. A yarn bar does sound like a really tempting idea though...

KeanaLee said...

wine? yarn? wine? yarn? wine? yarn?
2 of my favorite things, maybe I should open a wine/yarn bar....hmmmmmmm --- though
The Yarn Bar is a great name for a knitting store, don't you think?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I know, I know, I know. I had no problems traveling to Vermont or Virginia to get yarn, but I cannot make Rhinebeck! AUGH. Please pet lots of yarn for me!

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