Saturday, July 29, 2006

To post or not to post . . .

that is the question. I have been trying to get back to posting every other day. And now almost a whole week has gone by without a peep from me. I haven't even been reading and commenting as much as I usually do. (Sorry guys!!) I think sometimes I maybe just need a break. Do you get like that too?

I still don't have anything exciting to report either. Sure, I could ramble on about how much I dislike the "new" neighbors. They constantly have one or two of their SIX cars parked in front of our house. It's a small thing really, but it sure ticks me off. I think the hints and glares are getting through to them, because they've seemed better about it this week. Then, the other day, while working in my craft room, I paused to gaze out the window. And what did I see?? The adult male neighbor, peeing under his deck. YUCK!!! Thank goodness his back was to me, but the whole thing really grosses us out. Hopefully that was a one-time deal. Then yesterday, look what was put in.

A new pool. About one foot from our fence. (Sorry for the poor picture quality - it was covertly taken from inside my house!!) It doesn't bug me too much to have the pool so close to the property line (which our research leads us to believe does not comply with town building codes), but it's really irked Pea. It's tough, because our neighborhood has always been so great, it's a new thing to have a bad neighbor. I guess our neighbor luck has run out.

Mercury is direct now, so I don't have to worry that everything I look at will break. Abigale pointed out in my comments that retrograde is a great time to "re" - rearrange, reduce, reuse, recycle. That worked for me, because I was in such a mood to clear and clean. I was pulling out all of my furniture to vacuum underneath (something I've found I don't do often enough). I scrubbed the garbage can. I cleaned out the freezer and planned menus around what was in there. It feels so great to see everything sparkly and cleared out. Then I saw this post from Major Knitter!!!! I can tell you, her house is absolutely spotless, so I'm all for taking any tips from her. Now I've got a sparkly sink too!!!

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer!!!!

Knitting? I've been knitting a little. I think I've given up the delusion that I can get my Embossed Leaves done for July. I had a plan all mapped out with an equal number of rows to knit each day. I'm now a full week behind, so catching up in three days in very unlikely.

And I haven't knit any purple for PS July - or participated in any other way either. I've turned into quite the bad KAL-er. You may notice from my side-bar it hasn't stopped me from joining though. Check out the Apron Sew Along (great for Christmas presents, if you ask me) and the Mystery Sock KAL (how fun does that sound???). I believe they are both still open for sign-ups, so come join the fun!! Hurry though, Mystery Sock sign-ups end in a few days.


Carole Knits said...

I'd drop a dime on the neighbors about the pool. But I'm catty that way. ;-)

amandazen said...

That sucks about the neighbors. Have you tried just mentioning to them about the pool and the deck bathroom? Sometimes people are completely ignorant to what jerks they are.

My hubby suggests getting a nice wood fence so you do not have to see them.


Sonya said...

Bad neighbors are the worst. Kevin "encouraged" our bad neighbors to move. Now he's in high demand among our friends with bad neighbors. ;o) My July socks aren't going to be done by 7/31 either. *sigh*

I just saw my button scroll by on your blog! I love that.

Stephanie said...

I don't know - you might have a hard time getting the bad neighbors to move out - especially now that he has "marked his territory". You are going to have to get your husband to pee all over your yard too - you know, just to keep the boundaries straight.

Sheesh - seriously, he couldn't just go inside?

Jenn said...

Ugh. I am so sorry to hear about your bad neighbors. We had a lovely neighbor and she moved early last year and our new neighbors are awful. They play their radio outside so loud that I can hear it inside my house and have a god-awful porch light that shines right into our bedroom window that they turn on and off at all hours.
But your sock is pretty!

Joanne M said...

Ugh! Sucky to get neighbours like that... I can't believe this guy peed under his deck - yuck. WTF? Good luck and I might also anonymously complain to the town about the pool. :-)

kathy b said...


Maybe your neighbor just had surgery and really needed to void, and just couldn't run into the house. Try to give him the benefit of the doubt (I always imagine a benefit of the doubt, it drives my husband CRAZY)

Thanks for the sign up updates!

Great color on the greeny socks.

Heide said...

Hee, we're the "bad" neighbors in our neighborhood. Both of our immediate neighbors are elder with meticulous yards. I finally gave up on the lawn and went with the environmentally correct method of letting it go dormant (meaning I didn't water it and it turned brown so I don't have to mow) until fall. We too have an above-ground pool and there are kids' toys strewn about. We do refrain from urinating outdoors. but for several years my youngest daughter frequently stripped and ran naked through the back yard. I just signed up for the Mystery Sock KAL, thanks for the link. I also completed a prototype apron and more will follow over the next months.

Ragan said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the bad neighbors. We have lived near our share. Right now we have one that lets their pets (all of them) into our yard at night...and guess what they do there. I really hate mowing over poo that is hiding in my grass. Poo, not from any pet of mine either. YUCK. I am wondering if that is why suddenly my plants are dying. Their cats are always in my front landscaping in the middle of the night. See...grrr...
I also agree...turn them in for the pool thing. And, put in a new fence if you can afford it. That is what we are about to do. It is a shame.
Love the socks!

Anonymous said...

God it sucks to have crappy neighbors. We're getting new neighbors across the street and next to us and we're skeered ;o)

We're also planning large bushes. Just a thought.

At least you have a shiny sink and pretty sockage ;o)

Anonymous said...

We have bad neihbors on both sides of us. It can make life unpleasent at times. Those kal's sound great thanks for posting the links. Love that sock!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Okay I just HAD to share a link that is twisted and applies to your situation. The site is "The Neighbors from H--l" and here is the site:
I hope you do not experience what they went through!! PS -- I really like the dime idea. ;)

Melissa said...

I love your pics of that sock. The pattern is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with your neighbors! With living in an apartment I tend to think nothing could be worse and am regularly praying for a house of my own, but when I read experiences like yours, then I'm not so sure about the house thing anymore. One just can't stay away from such nutheads obviously, they're everywhere!
I love how your socks are coming along, and I'm still totally blown away by that cool color! Just wait and see, as soon as it cools down a bit outside, your knitting speed will return!

Jillio said...

KAL-ing isn't a bad thing! signing up for several swaps is pushing it though (i speak from experience). graaarr!!! so much to do, so little time.
but man, i swear i could probably see my face in that sink if i ever tried.
and how's that neighbor of yours?!? ICK! call in complaints or something! that's almost as bad as our neighbors next door who have loud parties with live music til two in the morning; noise regulations say you can't make a peep after 10! yeah. i hate inconsiderate neighbors too!
that's a nice sock :) fun and festive! and i'm thinking one of my sock yarns wants to come live with you so watch your mailbox in the next couple of weeks.

Jennifer said...

Yeah - look at that shiny sink and spectacular sock! YIKES on the neighbor. Come move next to me and we can knit all day. I promise not to pee in the yarn. Oops. I mean yard. I promise not to pee in the yard. (I swear to God that I honestly made that typo).

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