Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sockling Returns!!!

I hadn't touched it in over a month. It sat there at the bottom of my knitting basket. There were times when I thought about frogging the whole thing. But somehow, after my holiday knitting was (mostly) done, Sockling started to call again.

So, I picked it up, turned the heel (again), and took another try at the gusset. It's not the prettiest, but it's not terrible either. I think I'm in the home stretch.

It just might be a sock!!All that's left is a few straight inches down the foot, and then the working of the toe. Please tell me the toe isn't hard!! And what's this "second sock syndrome" I keep hearing about??


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm really impressed! Talk about inspiring someone to try something new! Good luck on the rest, you can do it! :)

Laura said...

Toes are not harder than heels, that's for sure. Don't even utter the words second sock syndrome. I find it's best to cast on for the other sock right away. For me, the longer a lone sock lies around, the more likely it will always be lonely!

And, um, Christine? I'm panicking about some kitchener stitch.

Sonya said...

I love the heathery gray. Do not fear the toe. Kitchener just takes a bit of concentration, but the result is really cool. Just follow step-by-step, and voila... a toe. I agree with Laura: absolutely cast on the 2nd sock right away. I usually try to do Magic Loop and do both socks at once. But that doesn't always work out. Remember, a single sock is lonely sock.

Jillio said...

i think it's good to have a pattern for a pair of socks--or to at least take very good notes while altering the pattern. in previous instances, i made a modification to the sock, didn't note it, and ended up with two VERY different socks. usually, i try as much as possible to stick to the pattern to avoid that from happening. doesn't always work, though. and if you start the second one immediately after the first, at least you'll better remember what you did on the first sock.
my second socks usually look a LOT better than the first because my learning curve improves significantly. i'm also trying on the sock a lot less. but i've heard one foot is slightly bigger than the other, right? so i was thinking one day, i'll make little labels to put on the socks that say "for the bigger foot" and "for the smaller foot," respectively. haha...or just get better at making socks. ;)
looks great, karen! you'll have a pair in no time, i'm sure. once you've finished your first pair of socks, there's no stopping you! :)

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