Monday, January 02, 2006

The secret is out!!!

I'm very excited to be able to introduce you to the Secret Pal who was spoiling me: Peanut!!! She was the best secret pal I could ever have wished for. She was fun to e-mail back and forth with, and I look forward to continuing our friendship and inspiring each other to tackle new knitting projects. Each package she sent was filled with such generous and thoughtful gifties, I felt so truly spoiled. Thank you, Peanut, for making my first Secret Pal foray so much fun.

I didn't get as much knitting done today as I had hoped. My morning and most of my afternoon was sidelined by what was either a bad sinus headache or a migraine. I never thought I got migraines, until I was describing a particularly bad headache to my best friend (who gets them often), and she told me all my symptoms were that of a migraine. I'm feeling better now and Pea and I are watching the silly and mindless movie Airplane!, so surely I can get some progress done on Sockling. (I can get some progress done, and don't call me Shirley.)

Tomorrow is the official end to my holiday season, as Pea's vacation is over and he's back to work. Which means I'm back to cleaning, sorting and de-cluttering the house, and figuring out what I want to be "when I grow up". We've had so much fun watching movies together over the past couple of days, I'll really miss him tomorrow when he's at work. But I think we'll try to have movie days more often - especially through out the winter when it's so nice to stay home - warm and cozy!!

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Olga said...

Airplane...I love that movie!! You know, I'd always seen the edited, rated G version on teevee, and then recently went to see a screening of the original. OMG!!! I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell ya. And I don't shock that easy.

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