Friday, January 20, 2006

I must be crazy!!!

Still dizzy from my Sockling Success, I began to think about what new sock techniques I'd like to learn. High on my list are the following:

  1. Socks on two circulars
  2. Toe up socks
  3. Two socks on two circulars
Then I caught wind of this.

And I started thinking, how challenging would it be to tackle this???? I could learn all three techniques at once!!! And in only 16 days!!!!!!

Yes, I do fear I have gone stark raving mad. Yes, I'm sure I will live to regret the day I decided this would be a great Knitting Olympics challenge. Yes, I am going to give it a whirl anyway. Yarn is all wound and ready to go. Needles have been purchases. Pattern has been printed. And yes, I may not end up with a gold metal, but at least I'll have tried and I know I'll learn something in the process. Even if it's just "Never attempt to learn three new things at once"!!


Cathy said...

oh GOOD LORD! As I was reading I kept telling myself "don't click on the link", "don't click on the link" and you know what I did? I CLICKED ON THE LINK! That won't be my Olympic challenge, but I will give it a try - I'll let you try first ;) lol I have no doubt you will do it and do it well! Way to go!

Olga said...

go, you! I'll be cheering from the sidelines...I'm not quite ready to learn this yet (still working on that second Fixation sock!), but it's good to know where that link is when I'm ready for it.

Sonya said...

That Harlot sure knows how to start a frenzy in the blogosphere. I resisted the Olympic temptation for about 30 seconds. I think you'll love 2 at a time toe-ups. No second sock syndrome!

Anonymous said...

I signed up. She's like the pied piper of knitters. You can't resist her ;o)

I'm doing the Huntington Castle sweater from the front of the Fall '04 IK *gulp*

knittinmom said...

Yeah, baby! Go for it! I've had that pattern printed out for awhile but still haven't gotten into the whole groove of toe-up socks yet. I'm still liking mine knit in the traditional direction. But hey, you gotta go for the gold - I mean, it is the Olympics after all!

chris said...

I'm so sorry for the late comment... I tried to leave one yesterday, but Blogger was on the fritz again. :-P You go, Karen!! I know you can do it!!! Those are definitely 3 techniques I wanted to learn this year and that link looks perfect (But I'll let you go first! ;-)). You can totally do it- I'll be cheering you on all the way! Go for the gold, girl! :-)

Laura said...

I just downloaded that pattern! It's making me a little dizzy just thinking about it. LOL!

You can do it! :)

Kym said...

wow- there are so many entries at the knitting olympics! i wish i could sign up, but there is no way right now i could finish anything in 16 days.

good luck to you though- kick some ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen, you have got to be kidding me...all three at once???? I am so wanting to do two socks on two circs...after my Jaywalkers, though.

Ragan said...

Knitting two socks at once...yes! That would be great! I saw a great pattern for knitting two toe-up socks at once on a circular needle. I am tempted. I know that you will master those three! The toe up socks are so easy! You can do it. Once I made one pair like that...I never made one the regular way!!

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