Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week: Thursday - A New Skill - knitcroblo4

Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day? Maybe you’re a crocheter who’d also like to knit? Maybe you’d like to learn to knit continental, knit backwards, try cables or attempt stranded colourwork.

A new skill, huh? Well I guess I kind of jumped the gun on this topic when I wrote Tuesday's post.  Silly me, I didn't talk about a specific pattern I wanted to knit.  Instead I went on about how I want to do REAL stranding - as opposed of the "fake my way through it" stranding I do now.  I also confessed that I want to learn to knit continental, partly to help me with stranding and partly because it just seems cool.  So now what do I blog about today?

Well, how about crochet??  After all, that's where this story really began, right?  With me asking Grammy to teach me to crochet.  And with her saying no.  Somehow I never really did learn to crochet.  I've made a few attempts over the years, but my crocheting always looks like crap and I have a hard time wrangling the stitches.  But then one day I thought about how it felt when I was first teaching  myself to knit.  It was slow . . . it was difficult . . . . and frankly, it looked like crap too!  But I kept going and now I can really knit.  I realized that's exactly what I have to do with crochet.  Just keep going.  (I figure another Stitch n Bitch book couldn't hurt either.)  And one day, (hopefully) it will stop looking like total crap and  it will all suddenly click - just like my knitting did!


JelliDonut said...

I need to have this same attitude toward the drop spindle. I really want to learn, but it seems like such a shame to take time away from knitting for something I am so terrible at.

knitseashore said...

JelliDonut beat me to the comments today! :)

You are so right that we have to accept that stuff is going to look bad when we are in learning mode, and we have to look past that to what it will become with practice. I had to learn a little crochet super fast to do an edging on a knitted jacket and it was actually pretty fun despite the stiff linen yarn. I have no doubt you will master it!

I did the same thing as you did -- answered today's question as part of Tuesday's. Oh well!

bmom said...

It takes time and you just need to keep working at it -- starting with something that doesn't have to look perfect (like a potholder). It's hard -- I life everything to be perfect!

sara said...

Well, if the picture is any indication, you are off to a good start. The stitches look pretty even to me. The Happy Hooker is a great crochet book, too.

Anonymous said...

You'll get it! It's how I felt going from knitting to crocheting, also. Sometimes, I'd put my crocheting away because I'd rather do something I was better at. Now, I just switch between the two, depending on my mood. I've also been trying to learn some new stitches. It looks like you're making that one skein scarf from the looks great! Feel free to PM me on Ravelry if you have any questions...newbie to newbie! :)

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