Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How many days until Christmas???

I should probably have a plan.  At least a knitting plan.  I should have a list of hand-knits I'd like to gift my loved ones with. I should be rummaging through the stash for the perfect yarns to warm the important people in my life.  I should be working diligently on those gift knits every day.

What have I been working on instead?

Yup, those heavy socks I cast on for myself.  And as you can see, I haven't even been working on them that much!

I'm beginning to understand that I may be a self-centered, selfish knitter forever.  I can find a million knits I want to make for myself.  But finding things to knit for others always gives me trouble.  What's a knitter to do???


Anonymous said...

Well, what I do is ......knit for myself. LOL

I don't knit much for others and don't have many gifts to give. So, generally, it works out pretty well.

That sure is a pretty sock pattern.

Pinkscissors said...

When my children were little I knitted them each a Christmas stocking. I didn't knit anything for anyone else until very recently. Most of the people in my life just don't appreciate hand made gifts. So I indulge myself.

Maire said...

For some reason, most of my knitting winds up going to someone else. It helps that my Mum, MiL, and both SiLs have feet nearly the same size as mine. It also helps that my Dad & Bro have the same size feet, and my SO and his Dad & Bro are around the same foot size. That way I only have to ever really know how to knit socks for 3 sizes, and somehow it works out! :D

Unknown said...

A knitter is to do exactly what you are doing - knit for yoruself! lol I am doing the same thing right now, but my problem is that I have three UNfinished projects due for Christmas! So next year, if you need someone else to knit for, I'll give you my list. LOL~

sheep#100 said...

Knit what you like.

Julie said...

Oo those are so pretty! I have a fairly short knitting list this year and have struggled to keep it so. It's hard to say no to requests abut after a year of physical therapy I am forcing myself to do so.

kathy b said...

Just keep right on knititng for you! And only knit for people who really want your handknits!
Love the color of the socks and the pattern!

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