Tuesday, August 04, 2009

That little gray cat . . .

I met my friend Kerri through her diabetes blog.  Actually the whole Diabetes On-line Community knows Kerri through her diabetes blog because, as I've said before, she's the Yarn Harlot of diabetes bloggers.  And everyone who knows Kerri's blog also knows Kerri's cat Siah.  This little kitty has quite a personality and keeps Kerri's blog readers entertained with her many capers.  Heck, she's even stepped in to write a guest post!

When Kerri recently helped me out of a jam, I wanted to do a little something to thank her.  What does a knitter use to say thank you?  Why, a knitted gift, of course.  What kind of knitted gift?  Well, I knew it had to be a knitted likeness of Siah.

Cast On: 1 August 2009
Completed: 2 August 2009
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential & Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Uni held together
Needles: US 3 (3.25 mm)

Is it silly to knit a little cat for a grown women? Why yes, yes it is. But I never said I wasn't silly.  What's even sillier?  Forcing your cat to pose with the little knitted cat!


Kisses for Siah!

Starting to get annoyed.

"For goodness sake, make her stop putting her knitting on me!!"

Poor K.C. I think she's still trying to recover her dignity.


Crystal said...

WAY Awesome!!!!! Love it!!!
Siah's own mini her. Oy vey.

You rock Karen.

knitseashore said...

What does it say if I knitted two of those for my mom and sister one year, to match their orange and white cat? I hope it says I think they are the purrfect gift and your friend Kerri will love hers!!

I'm sure K.C. is happy to model her friend's likeness. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute! But, your cat may never forgive you. She will be plotting world domination AND how to get revenge! LOL

Trina said...

Awww your little cat(s) are adorable, what a nice present! Off to bookmark pattern link...

Lynn said...

I LOVE your kitty!! It's adorable and she's gonna love it!

Heide said...

KC, be grateful that she isn't knitting baby clothes. My mom insists on trying to stick hats, booties, etc. on me when they're finished.

Your friend, Bonny the cat

kathy b said...

I want one. For Al. She just moved out. She doesnt have a pet and cannot right now. She's a little lonely.

Melissa said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!
I love all of the little knitted toys I see.

Kerri. said...

It is SO cute! And I'm posting pictures later this week of Siah meeting her mini-me. :)

Thank you again, Karen!

cpurl17 said...

That little kitty is SO cute! I'm sure it will be well loved.

Zonda said...

Aww very cute little Siah! Hehe..KC did pretty good ;)

Tamara said...

I love the little kitty - so cute!!!

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