Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WIP Wednesday - The Confession

Since I've joined Finish or Frog Friday, I figure it's about time I confess to all of the WIPs I have going on. Beware, this could take a while. Some of these I may never even have blogged about. In the interest of keeping some small shred of self-respect, I won't get into many details today. I'll just tell you what they are and maybe when they were started.

Here we go:

Two felted snowmen.

Yes, they look the same, but one is bigger than the other. They were going to be Christmas gifts . . . hahahahahaha.

Two pairs of Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays.

One is a Christmas present for Pea . . . hahahahahaha. One is mine, started in November.

Biffer Shrug, a crocheted swiffer cover.
No comment.

A pair of stockinette socks (my own basic "pattern").

Started in July, still working on the first one. Shut up.

Twisted Flower Socks.

This is the Malabrigo I won at Stitch 'n Pitch in June before it was available for sale. Cast on in June too. Shut up again.

Hypoteneuse Shawl.

Oh gosh, I started this last February, after Charlie died. Someone slap me!

A fish blankie for worsted scraps.

Because I can't throw away perfectly good scraps of yarn.

Another blankie for sock yarn scraps.

And I certainly can't throw away sock yarn!!!

Yes, that is 10 projects. Good thing I joined Finish or Frog Friday!


Estella said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of projects! Check out Jennifer's blog as she has a lot too. I only have 2 projects on needles...maybe I should cast on a few more.

Qutecowgirl said...

That not that bad. I mean the 2 blankets are worked with scraps, it is not like you can just finish it. Well unless you have a bag of leftovers like I do. =)

If you makes you feel better I have at least 15 Wips that I can count off the top of my head.

Trina said...

I love the idea of the fishy blanket! Must try that once my scraps have mounted up a bit.

Beverly said...

i would say something but you said to shut up.....twice

Sonya said...

So glad not to be alone with all my WIPs. I love the fishy blanket; I've got to start one. You know, to add to my WIPs.

Jennifer said...

Well - they are all worthwhile projects - but it is quite cathartic to lay them all out like that. OK. Fess up. Did you put them ALL out? I didn't even post the 2 newest "I just started so they don't really count" projects on my WIP list. Uh Oh.

Jennifer said...

10 is a perfectly respectable number. :-)

Marissa said...

hahahahahahah! Ten?????CHILD'S PLAY!!

bmom said...

Ongoing projects out of leftovers don't count.

It looks like quite a few are well along -- close to being finished. Have you decided to frog any?

kathy b said...

BUT,yourhands are not injured from monogamous knitting. I wished I had started multiple projects at one time long ago. Maybe my tendon would heal faster. Keep going on that sock yarn blanket. Love love love it. Love your comments and lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to copycat your scrap blankies--I can't throw away any amount of yarn!

Melissa said...

Not too bad. Some of those are definitely worth finishing.

Melissa said...

That's really not too bad. I love the fish!

Andrea said...

Projects that use up scraps aren't WIP's, not really. They're ongoing economic knitting - completely different and can last as long as you want, darn it!

But four pairs of socks is a pretty good effort!

April Dawn said...

Combine the christmas socks and you have a pair. There, one project finished!

knitseashore said...

Honestly, I've seen much worse listed on other people's blogs, but I think it comes down to your personal tolerance level. I have 5 projects on the needles, 2 more than I normally allow myself, and it's driving me bonkers. :)

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