Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't over-think it . . .

Sometimes we get so caught up in gifting that we make things harder than they have to be.  We search endlessly for the most unique gift.  For the gift to top all gifts.  We lose the spirit of giving and the spirit of the season.

Don't put all that pressure on yourself.  Don't over-think it.  Don't overlook hats, scarves, gloves and mitts as quick and inexpensive gifts.  Boring?  Never!  I say they are classics.  Little treasures you've knit up to keep your loved ones warm.

Why not whip up a pair of Porphyria like Spincerely?
How about a Hat For a Boyfriend like Vicki?
Jenn suggests Fetchings and Calorimetrys.
And Julie points us to the Helping Hats pattern.
I might be working on a scarf myself, although I do need to update the picture.

Looks like I've got plenty of skeins in the stash that would keep the people I love warm on a cold day.  How about you?


Zonda said...

Good way to use up some lovely yarns too! Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hey - that's a pretty LARGE collection of yarn, girlie!

I'm back - new blog, still knitting. And I promise that I'll start leaving comments again. I've been lurking for a while.

How ARE you?

Melissa said...

I have 5 washcloths so far! I might have to pause to make myself a hat, but after that, I'm back on the washrag bandwagon!

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Yeah! Don't overthink it!
Thank you for the ideas and the links!
I have no idea what I am doing this year...may have to settle with kid crafts for EVERYONE. That is easy, right, and not over-thought?

Sonya said...

Good ideas! I'm doing an all cowls and hats Christmas this year. My dad still wants his socks from a few Christmases ago, but does a man who winters in Florida need wool socks?

knitseashore said...

Um, what does it say if I've finished fetchings and calorimetrys, but for me?? I do hope to knit some for gifts too, though. :)

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