Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

That's me (and probably most of you) laughing at my July Knit List. As I said in the last post, I greatly underestimated how much summer would zap my knitting mojo. I also greatly underestimated the time I would need to spend on the second half of my Creating Web Pages II class - we've been covering things that are brand new to me. It's so much fun, but takes a lot more time. Another thing I didn't foresee was that I would join, and become totally enraptured with, Mystery Stole 3. I have to admit, when the knitting mojo does decide to make an appearance, MS3 is usually the project I pick up.

But enough excuses, let's see how I did:

  1. Finish the Zephyr socks - DONE!!!
  2. Finish the Seduction Socks - Nope, I don't even think I touched them at all.
  3. Finish Tahoe - I did manage to finish the left front. I still have to knit the right front and the sleeves.
  4. July Holiday Headstart project - I did work on these a lot, but they aren't quite done.
So, one out of four? Not so good. I'm going to take off the rose-colored glasses and be a little more honest with myself while coming up with my August Knit Goals. Here they are.
  1. Finish my July Holiday Headstart project
  2. Knit a (quick!!) pair of Fetchings for my August Holiday Headstart project
  3. Finish Mystery Stole 3
  4. Finish the first Seduction Sock
Now that's a bit more realistic, don't you think??


Heide said...

I'm still on clue to of the MS3... oops. It requires contration and some unavailable non-interrupted knitting time.

It's summer... relax and enjoy yourself.

Zonda said...

Well, 1 out of 4 is better than none! ;)

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I've decided to give myself a break and stop feeling shi**y about all my unfinished knitting business!

kathy b said...

Well, it is summah honey! Go easy on yourself.

Aren't you dishrag taggin too?

We started today! WHEEEEEE

Wannabe said...

I keep complusively buying yarn to start my holiday knitting but don't. Wha? It's too hot...yeah, that's it.

Sonya said...

I always overestimate how much I'll want to knit in the summer. It's taking me months to do a dang pair of socks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but one out of four is always better than none, don't you think? Summer just isn't the perfect time for knitting - just wait and see, as soon as it'll get a bit cooler outside, you'll be knitting up a storm again!

jessica said...

You've been busy don't be so hard on yourself!

Thanks for making sure my name got on the list! I appreciate it! My socks are done!

Theresa said...

I think the knitting mojo has gone on vacation all over blogland.

Jennifer said...

Summer time is not for completing goals. You've still got a month to relax. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your knitting mojo will be back if full force once the weather starts gettig cool. So relax and enjoy the rest of summer.

Spincerely said...

I can't seem to finish anything either! This summer is just too much for me. I can't see to stop dyeing things and my children just want to go swimming all the time! I hear that the Mystery Stole is going to be lovely when it is done and that will be so cool to have, won't it? I'm wishing a little that I had done it, but I know that knitting lace during summer vacation and I do not mix!

Kirsten said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You've got a lot on your plate right now.

Ragan said...

You have compiled quite a list there. That is ok that you are behind on your projects...I have a stack of them! See, you are not alone in that! I hope that you are able to get through more of them this month. I will be sending those vibes your way. :-)

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