Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Now listen here, Young Lady . . . "

there had better be a damn lot of knitting going on over there!!"

Umm, yeah, with all the yarn I've brought home lately, the crazy voice in my head has started to lecture me again. Luckily, I've been in the mood to knit and knit and knit lately . . . must be all the cold weather now that October is here. What, it's still August??? Are you sure???? Hmm, it doesn't feel like August.

Anyway, on to the knitting. First, there is something you should know. Despite valiant efforts by my parents to raise me right, it seems that if you all decide to jump off a bridge, I'd be right there with you, snapping on my swim cap. Without further ado, my latest FO.

I'm not even going to write up the specs on this, since EVERYONE has already knit one. I will say that I used the lovely Peaches and Creme yarn Missy sent me along with Lion Cotton for the "bumpies". I will be knitting more of these!!!

I also have been doing some sewing, and worked up that zippered bag for larger projects. It didn't come out great, but it's nicer than the Zip-Locs I usually use. I made it out of fabric and a zipper I found in my stash, so the cost (free) was right in my price range. And the project was easy enough that I didn't even need a pattern.

So, what's on the needles? Well, a whole bunch of stuff!!

I know, that's an awful lot of stuff!! But I do have a plan. Some goals. I should knit on each project every day. Even if it's only one or two rows, at least I'm one or two rows closer to finishing. Then, I can knit on which ever project is calling out to me the most. Oh yes and I should finish one sock every week. Umm, yeah, we'll see how that all goes!!

What's in that crazy pile 'o knittin'?? Well, clockwise from the top:

  • Picovoli
  • one completed Mystery Sock
  • the beginnings of my Almost Argyle sock (which got frogged and restarted late last night because the Latvian Twist cuff needed another try)
  • the second front of Sunrise Circle (did you forget about her? I almost did)
  • pretty little Koigu sock (which will be the latest in the Classic Rock Socks collection)
  • and the beginnings of a Perfect Pie Shawl
More on these to come, as we see how my new goals work out!!


Ragan said...

I love your dish cloth! I haven't knit one yet! I guess I haven't jumped off the bridge yet, but have the yarn to do it. Tee-hee. Me next I suppose. Is that pattern in the Creative Knitting Mag...and what issue? My brain is not functioning at the moment, must need more COFFEE. I love all of your WIPs. Lovely stuff! You are so talented (and funny). I love reading your posts! Thank you for the knitting encouragement comment that you left me! I am hoping to knit my heart out today.

Sonya said...

All those lovely projects on the needles! I'm down to 2 active projects and it just feels weird. I'm completely enamored with the color of your sunrise circle!

Anonymous said...

I've been madly finishing UFOs myself. It feels really good! I'm planning on starting lots of new projects in September. I can't wait!!! Good luck with your goal.

Jenn said...

Love the new bag - so cute! And embrace that project slutiness! :)

Anonymous said...

Your mystery sock looks great and so does your new bag!I always have a bunch of stuff on the needles and I too knit on most of them everyday. It keeps things intresting!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Oy! You just reminded me of pile of UFOs I have waiting to be addressed, and they are NOT happy with me.

MissyJoon said...

Yikes! I must be rubbing off on you--this looks like my works in progress!!! And I can't believe you dug that sunrise circle out without cluing me in!!!! That's on my to do list, too.

I love to have several projects going at the same time!!!

Anonymous said...

Your WIP's look great! Can't wait to see the 'sock a week' ;o) I have faith in you, you can do it :o)

Heide said...

Don't think of those as UFO's, but rather as "options for the talented and creative". Okay, so a really cool acronym can't be made out of that, but having just one item cast on at a time is rather stifling. Cheers!

Jillio said...

psh, girl, that's NOTHING. you think you have a problem? i don't even know how many sets of sock needles i have, much less how many projects are lying around unfinished. i know most of it fits into two large tote bags. i think i need to go on another needle rescue mission...

Kym said...

i loved knitting dishclothes for my grandmother- they were so cute and so quick. i probably should have made one more for myself :)

i agree with everyone else- your UFO pile is small- i still have more UFOs than finished objects :( wah!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've certainly been knitting up a storm - that's the advantages of rainy and cold weather, no? :) I can't believe how productive you were, and I love every single item you're working at - especially the Mystery sock!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so much for the bandwagon, where'd you get that pattern? I've been making at least a dishcloth a day (I'm making them at work, and since I have so much peaches n cream yarn, everyone at work who wants one gets one...) and now I NEED to make one :) (Hey, you can only make so many YO basic washcloths before you want to poke yourself in the eye with your very own needle...) And btw....LOVE those embossed leaves socks! They practically GLOW! ;)

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