Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last weekend - with LOTS of pictures!!!

Well, since we've almost made it to another weekend already, I figured it's about time I shared my activities from last weekend with you. For once, I did remember to take lots of pictures. And yes, this are fibery things involved.

We started Friday evening off right by hitting the sale at one of my favorite LYS. It's Pea's favorite too, ever since they flirted with him when he went to buy my birthday yarn. I found some good deals to further feed my unruly stash!!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeGosh, I am the worst photographer, but you can click them to make them a bit bigger. On the left is a ball of Regia Crazy Stripe sock yarn and a ball of Rowan Handknit Cotton. They only had one ball of each, which probably explains the dirt cheap price of $3.50 per ball. I've already found an on-line source for one more ball of the Regia so I can make a proper pair of socks - it will cost me more than twice as much as this ball. But hey, at least I got a good deal on one! Nestled in between the balls of yarn is the elusive Lantern Moon Black Sheep (tape measure). He was not on sale, but I know a rare find when I see one!! And on the right, some purpley Atacama Alpaca at 40% off that wants to some day become a shawlett. After all the yarn store excitement, we only had energy left for my favorite Hibachi dinner and then a quiet night at home.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my parents picked us up for the next adventure. We crossed the Hudson River . . .

and were transported to another world.

A world with singing pirates . . . and Queen Elizabeth.

A world where chess boards come to life . . . and the pawns fight hard for the squares.

A world with jousting . . and fun shows. Just ask my Koigu sock (which I am not working on because Embossed Leaves aren't done . . nope . . . I'm not!!!)

So where were we? At the legendary RenFaire!!! And why would this be on a knitting blog (aside from the stow-away Koigu sock)?? Because as we were walking along, something made me turn my head to the right . . . and I spotted a woman at a spinning wheel! I yelled "She's spinning, she's spinning" and probably ended any illusions my parents had that their daughter was somewhat normal. I don't care if I outed my full fiber obsession . . . because look what I saw?

And to think that my family had laughed on the ride down when I said knitting was an old craft!!

THE FIBER HUT!!! A very nice lady inside was spinning with a drop spindle. I mentioned how I can't get the hang of it, so she gave me a little step by step lesson. And something might have begged to come home with me.

Mmmm, merino!! Of course, I tried my hand a spinning again Sunday . . . . still crap. Luckily, I am married to an engineer, who determined my main problem to be that the $5 spindle from the Fiber Fest is too light. Yup, I'm expecting my new spindle to arrive tomorrow. (Jill, sorry I haven't answered your e-mail yet . . . this is the one!!!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds like the most fantastic weekend - thanks for sharing all these great pics, it's almost as if we'd been there with you! And those yarn goodies - yummy!

Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - fantastic pictures! I can't wait to see your new spindle and what you can do with it! YAY

Carole Knits said...

We have a Ren Faire very close to us every year and haven't been able to go the past 2 or 3 years. I don't ever remember seeing someone spinning but I'm going to be on the look out for that this time!

Martina said...

What fun! I just love a good Ren fair! They should have spinners at all of them!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. That Alpaca yarn is gorgeous!

A decent spindle can make all the difference in when learning to spin. Good Luck!

Fields of Heather said...

That's great! And its uncanny that you found the Fiber Hut- instinctual, even!

MissyJoon said...

Wow--what a weekend--and you learned to spin . . . that is so cool!

Sonya said...

What an interesting and fun weekend. Looks like you might have been biten by the spinning bug! (Oops, I almost typed spinning butt. That's something altogether different.)

KT said...

Hah! I was at the Ren Faire on Sunday! And I also stalked down the fiber people. :) Those singing pirates you saw are one of my favorite ren bands ever. Did you go to the Pub Sing? The Ren Faire is just my absolute favorite place to be. People are funny and complementary/virulently insulting. Gotta love it.

Melissa said...

Great weekend! The yarn hut sounds like a blast!

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