Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I knit, therefore I . . . blog?

So yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  There have been some ups and downs.  Last fall, we lost both my uncle and Pete’s grandmother (who had just turned 100 in June).  And last month, Pete was laid off, meaning we are both currently unemployed and job hunting.  On the up side, the holidays were nice, we are both healthy and happy, and some good opportunities have come our way.

As for knitting . . . . well, there hasn’t been all that much of that.  I was dealing with some wrist pain last fall that prevented me from knitting for more than five or ten minutes at a time.  That seems to have cleared up, although I’m pretty sure I have frozen shoulder now.  As painful as it is, I’m glad to find it doesn’t hinder my knitting as much as the wrist pain did.  So guess what that means?  It means . . . .


I finally finished a pair of socks!!!!  Yay!!!  I was originally knitting these for my ballroom dance teacher, but unfortunately we decided to take a break from our lessons before I finished them.  And now she’s left the studio, so if we go back she won’t be there anyway.  (And considering we have no jobs right now, going back is off the table for a while.)  So my “Socks for Juliet”  are now my “Socks (not) for Juliet”.

Here’s a look at the leg cable, and all of the sock info.

St. Brigid's Carnamoyle Stockings
Cast On: 16 November 2010
Completed: 6 February 2012
Yarn: Socks that Rock Heavyweight - Jasper
Needles: US4 (3.5mm) DPNs

So.  These socks.  They are pretty enough.  I love the cable pattern on the leg, but the seed stitch on the foot makes the whole thing a little too busy.  If I were to ever knit these again, I’d keep the ribbing on the foot but ditch the seed stitch for some stockinette.  That said, this pattern was such a mess that even with the corrections I found I needed to re-write and re-chart the whole thing anyway.  Maybe I was just too dense to understand the instructions?  Could be.  And the pattern was free so I can’t complain too much.  But it wasn’t my favorite.

Okay, no more ranting . . . . on to more knitting!!


bmom said...

Welcome back to knitting! I don't like busy socks either.

tbird0123 said...

the design is a good combo for the yarn....good job

kathy b said...

Well the color alone is amazing. I love them. Too much busywork on a foot that will fill a shoe is NOT a good pattern thing!
Sorry about your job situations......
Love to KC

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful Karen!! I don't blog much, but I love to check in to everyone. I need to go back to blogging. It's good for the soul...

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear abt the dh getting laid off. Hopefully one of you two will find something soon. However I'm glad you are back to knitting. I know it helps me when times get stressful. And another reason why I'm happy I've got stash!

BTW LOVE the socks, both the yarn and the pattern.

knitseashore said...

So glad to see your post! I'm so sorry to hear about dh being laid off. I hope you both find something you love soon.

The socks look wonderful; I'd never have guessed you had so much trouble with the directions! What will you be knitting next??

kathy b said...

I HAVE missed you so much!!! Glad you are back. SOrry about the email….omg, some good came of it though! i reconnect with your blog!

Lindsay said...

I love the color of the socks and they look so nice and cozy!

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