Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fall Fiber Fests in Pictures, Part 3

Are you tired of the parade of yarn yet?  I hope not, because this year a new fiber festival started near me, The Fiber Festival of New England.  So of course, I had to be supportive and check it out.  And yes, maybe a few skeins followed me home . . .

Aisling Yarns Merino Superwash in The Green Mile

Mistralee Farm Studio Prime Alpaca in Chocolate

As you can see, I had much less money more self-control at this last fiber festival.  But I couldn't resist these two beauties.

Phew!  With that, you are completely up to date on my ever expanding stash.  Except, of course, the yarn Santa left under my tree . . .


Zonda said...

Pretty yarns! Yes, that is good, only 2 skeins. Oh and never get tired of seeing yarn ;)

bmom said...

No yarn followed me home, only fiber! I found out my niece was also there the same day I was......another missed opportunity to meet up.

kathy b said...

You must have been very very good, I cannot wait to see the Santa yarn too! Chocolate yarn.........wonderful

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