Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Story of a Sweater

One day, Knitty caused a break in my sanity.  Somehow, I convinced myself I could knit this sweater in two weeks and wear it to Rhinebeck.

Next thing you know, I was hit with a bad cold.  And that, my friends, was very very good.  Because after two days on the couch I had this.


The sweater body was pretty.  So so pretty.  But a little voice inside my head was trying to speak.  Ah, but we all know it’s never good to listen to the voices in your head, right?  I kept on knitting.  I knit the first sleeve.  I started the second sleeve.  It was very tiring work.

Well, it was tiring to K.C., who found it very difficult to watch yards and yards of pretty yarn running from the yarn cake and not be allowed to chew on it!!

And suddenly, I wasn’t knitting.  The second sleeve was only half done as Rhinebeck came and went.   I told myself it was fine, I’d finish the sweater up and wear it to Stiches East.  But still there was no knitting.  I just had no desire to work on the pretty sweater.  So I finally listened to the voices in my head . . . . and this is what they were telling me:

“Girl, it’s not working.  Your swatch lied.  There is no way on Earth that sweater is going to fit you.  Frog it already.  It didn’t take that long to knit - so frog the darn thing and re-knit it in the next size up.  Get out of denial and listen up!!!”
 And now that pretty sweater is nothing but a few newly wound cakes of yarn.  *sigh*

The End.


Sarah said...

What a shame!
I hope it's just as easy & quick the next time :)

bmom said...

It's so hard.....but that inner voice doesn't lie.

Melanie said...


Zonda said...

Darned inner voice! Bummer, but better than a finished sweater that doesn't fit :(

sara said...

I agree with bmom...the inner voice knows all. Kind of like our mothers.

JelliDonut said...

The Voice is never wrong. Will you try it again?

Jennifer said...

Ooh - I had it when the voice speaks and we ignore it. : (

Laura said...

i am so afraid to try a sweater...my voice won't even let me start one... :(

knitseashore said...

Oh Karen! That stinks. I hope you'll try again, and it will be more enjoyable next time.

Please give KC a kiss for me!

Teresa said...

Don'tcha just HATE when that voice is right? And it's always right, you know.

Better to start over now than after you complete both sleeves and seam up a sweater that won't fit (don't ask me how I know....)

kathy b said...

Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful....BUT you are the boss of your knitting!!!! Good that you got straight with it!

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