Thursday, December 20, 2007

Five Days . . .

Are you panicking yet?

I've knit two little stocking ornaments - one Pea claimed as his own, and the other went on the bag of cookies we gave our ballroom teacher last night. I'm also finishing up the toe on the second slipper for my brother. It should have been in the mail by now, but that's what he gets for having size 11 feet!!

Cookies are baked, a few decorations are out, and the cards are all addressed (but waiting for a trip to the post office for stamps and mailing). All the presents are bought, a few small ones still need to be knit, and most need to be wrapped. And no, there is still no tree. We're getting it tonight, I swear.

Charlie isn't much help with Christmas prep, but he's always good for a laugh!

What is your game plan for the next few days? Are you all ready??


Elizabeth said...

Let's see...

We got the tree yesterday, so hope to have it up by tomorrow. It's huge (10 feet) so will be quite a project.

Wrap presents.

Finish decorating.

Finish scarf for MIL.

No problem!

Merry Christmas!

Heide said...

Can I just curl up with Charlie and hide until December 26th? I'm so tired and there's so much to do. My Christmas knitting is way behind schedule and not a single gift has been wrapped. The early baking has been raided and consumed by my family so that's back a square one too. Aaaack!

MissyJoon said...

I think we should take a cue from Charlie!!! He's enjoying himself!!!! xoxo
Plan for the next 5 days . . .mmmmmm: survive!

Jessica said...

I have a day of wrapping and making phone calls and baking planned tomorrow. After that I'm out of time since we start visiting relatives on Sunday. Panic? YES! ;)

Kris said...

We leave tonight for the first round of Christmases... So, this year there were no knitted gifts.

The baking is done, the majority of the gifts are wrapped and I have just one present left to purchase. But honestly, what do you get for the 3rd child in the family?

Sonya said...

We're ready! We did our final Christmas grocery shopping today. Charlie is such a cute sleeper!

Nathalie said...

Tree - up - check!
Presents wrapped - check!
Santa's present for the kids delivered - check!
Work finished - check!
house clean (sort of) check!
christmas cards - nil - big fail report card there
overseas mail sent - one only. Partial fail report card as will not arrive before Xmas
baking - partly done - today's job

Zonda said...

Slowly getting there! ;)

thegabbyknitter said...

Cleaning the house lots of cleaning. Oh and I have the Christmas morning breads to make. Hope you and Pea have a very Merry Christmas!

kathy b said...

Well, since you asked!

I have to buy the grab and steal gift for our family fun on Christmas eve. Just haven't found the right thing yet!
Need to wrap the kids gifts.
Need to finalize the grocery list for tomorrow.
Oh, need to work a long 12 hour shift sunday!
Oh and I need to finish cara's sock ...tonight!

I love your cute stockings. THe image is wonderful.
Merry Christmas my good blog friend to you and charlie and Pea.

Ragan Knits etc... said... seems like all that last minute pressure is certainly on! It looks like you got a lot accomplished in the nick of time! Charlie is being so good by sleeping and not attacking your needles while you work (maybe he does do this).
Hmmm...I still have socks to finish...and only a few days left! ACK! Other than that (and one last grocery store trip)...everything is done.

KT said...

Well, I just got home two nights ago. On the plus side, my second-to-last semester of college is over and good riddance! On the down side, the house is its own vortex of chaos. :)

We have a tree to be decorating, a house to be cleaning, and a ton of cookies to be baking (we're running way behind on the baking this year). I have a scarf I need to bind off, block and fringe before Christmas Eve (!!!) which wouldn't be a problem if the recipient WASN'T AROUND 24/7. Sheesh.

Good luck getting it all done! And at least Charlie isn't being counter-productive--cats are usually pretty good about that.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful knits...and the relaxed~

Jennifer said...

Hope you and Pea had a very Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Love the little socks!!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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