Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Is it the last day of May already?? Wow, that went fast. I'm always sorry to see May go because it's my favorite month. And June means my birthday is officially over for another long year. Thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday wishes though, I've truly got plenty of warm wishes to carry me through the year.

Since it is the last day of May, and my Project Spectrum content has been sorely lacking this month, I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite green things around here.

Our bedroom.

My herb garden . . .

. . .especially the basil!!!

And how about a green FO?? Camden's baby sweater is done!!

Child's Placket-neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Started: Around May 8th (I forgot to note it down)
Completed: May 30th

This turned out to be a lot of fun to knit!!! I even finished two days early!! I won't see them until Friday, and it would be just like me to be up until midnight on Thursday trying to get it done. (Oh yeah, it was supposed to be for the Christening two weeks ago - I'm not early after all.) I must give credit to MintyFresh at PepperKnit for her great Lazy-loop tip. It made all the difference in the world as far as knitting speed was concerned. I decided to leave off the buttons and fold the collar down instead. I think it looks really cute that way!

I have a few other FO's to show you . . . blog-related FO's. I've finished a few graphic jobs last week. I did a fun little banner for Nancy at The Beekeeper's Granddaughter. She's now even got a colorway inspired by her blog . . . go check it out!! I also did a complete overhaul for Karyn at Noey's Mommy Knits. We'll be adding a Blogs I Read section in the next few days, but other than that, we're done. It was a lot of fun working with these two ladies, and adding some more character to their great blogs. I finished up a couple more jobs today, so I'll have some more graphic FO's to show you next time too. If you're interested in spicing up your own blog, visit my graphics site for more info!!


Anonymous said...

i love love love Camden's jumper!! its looks fantastic! The colour is gorgeous! I bet mum will love it too!!

Ooooh your bedroom is a pretty colour!

I best get my butt wiggling and post Project Spectrum piccies on my blog today for last month!


MissyJoon said...

You did a fabulous job on the blogs!!! WOW! I adore both of them!!!

Lynda said...

I like your green bedroom - we're thinking of painting ours a sage-y green. The sweater is cute, too!

Your blog graphics are Great! People know a good thing when they see it - and talent! You're gonna be a busy girl, but think of all the yarn $$!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on all the blogs you've been doing! I wish you could do smell-o-vision for your herb garden. :)

Mintyfresh said...

Hooray for the finished sweater! I'm glad the Lazy Loop technique helped you--and you finished early, no less.

Noey D. said...

cute, cute, CUTE baby sweater! Love the color. and I LOVE my blog!!

Jen said...

wow, great little sweater for baby! I really like that you decided to fold down the collar instead of using buttons. buttons seem so fiddly for a squirming baby.

Anyway, glad to hear your birthday weekend was great!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I adore the baby sweater you've been doing, it turned out just perfect! Such a lovely and cheerful green color - and I also love the fact that you didn't use buttons but folded down the collar, it looks so beautiful that way!
And I'm absolutely impressed by your graphic work, these buttons look so pretty - you're doing a fantastic job with that!

Melissa said...

The FO looks great and I have some pictures ready for you when you're ready.

Sonya said...

The baby sweater is so cute! And I love the color. The graphics stuff you've done is wonderful! Both of them fit so well with the blog title and themes. You're going to be a busy woman.

kathy b said...

Hooray for the banner as well. The baby sweater is wonderful even without the sheepy buttons.

I LOVE SEEING MY BUTTON on your reads.

Happy Happy Happy kathy b

Anonymous said...

Karen, the sweater came out really nice! BTW, I also visited the blogs you have updated and WOW, you did a great job!

Ragan said...

Cute banners Karen!!!! I also just LOVE that wonderful green sweater! It came out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday and you won To Knit Perchance to Dream's Birthday contest! Hooray!

Heide said...

I LOVE the baby cardigan! That is my most favorite shade of green ever. I have a whole bunch of the Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino just waiting for a project. Except that I'm being selfish and I want it used in something for me and not a baby! Your birthday sounds like it was delightful. Pea wins Husband of the Year award for the presents too! Cheers.

Olga said...

Ooh! I'm about to knit that baby sweater too, with some stash yarn (pats herself on the back). It's even Debbie Bliss, too, but it's cotton cashmere. I guess wool might have been better, but I like the color (red) and since the baby is due in August I figure cotton's OK for early fall weather.

Yum, basil! Do you make lots of pesto?

Anonymous said...

hi Karen!!!

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